Apples for my Teacher Print and Coloring Page

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School began for my kids yesterday, and we attached this “Apples for my Teacher” Print to a little post-it gift shaped like an apple. I offered my girls the option to color the picture or print it, and they chose to print it out, but I’ve got both options for you now!

Apple Teacher gift idea print and coloring page

This doesn’t have to just be for “back to school” time, you can give an apple to your teacher all year long, right??

To download the coloring page print, click here: Apples Coloring Page

To download the FULL COLOR version, click here: Apples FULL COLOR

I’ve got lots more prints and coloring pages in my COLORING PAGES section of my site under FAMILY FUN, check them out! I know my girls love to color, and I love to offer some inspirational words for them to color. Below are a few of my favorites in that section that are both prints and coloring pages as options.

Dandelion free inspirational print Free Pineapple Print and Coloring Page Hot Air Balloon Print


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