Arbonne Meal Replacements

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I really love the Arbonne Meal Replacements and after doing the 30 day detox, I lost 7 pounds, and I want to continue to drink the shakes, because I love them so much!

Arbonne Meal Replacements

Arbonne Meal Replacements

I met my friend Abby at the gym I was attending, and when she told me about the Arbonne Meal Replacements, I got excited. I’m really trying to not to “quick fixes” but I have been so frustrated after the past year of trying to get stronger, then my 40th birthday summer and family trip to Kauai, where I pretty much LET GO altogether. It hasn’t been as simple to lose a few pounds as it had been in the past when I was just “really careful” for a week or so, and I’d go down a few pounds.

I’ve had this battle going on in my head between losing weight and intuitive eating, which basically says…don’t stress about losing weight. I don’t feel like I obsess over it, and really, I ENJOY the Arbonne meal replacements with the chocolate shakes and the vanilla protein powder that I mix with strawberries or frozen peaches to make a peaches and cream shake. SO DELICIOUS! I’m not starving myself, I’m eating yummy snacks in between, and also not restricting things.

I also love not having to THINK about my breakfast and lunch, and I REALLY recommend these delicious protein shakes!

Weight Loss Program

They have a program called 30 Days to Healthy, and when you join it, you also join a facebook group with others doing it, with someone giving food ideas and answering questions daily. I loved that. For example, I’m not an herbal tea drinker, but it was part of the program. It was so gross to me, and I hopped in the group and someone suggested: lemon, splenda, and ice, and it made is SOOOO much better!

Arbonne Nutrition

Above is everything in the 30 day. I hear people love the fizz sticks as a replacement for caffeinated drinks, but since I don’t regularly consume those, I sold the sticks to a friend.

I followed the protocol with the herbal tea and digestion plus for the 30 days, skipping some days here and there, but mostly focused on the shakes with fiber.

For the first half, I followed the plan fairly regimented. There were some great recipe suggestions. Then I did the intuitive eating podcast and I got all confused! I agree, I don’t want to deprive myself, and for the most part, I aim for an 80/20 lifestyle where 80% of the time, I make healthy options, then 20% of the time, I indulge.

I’m happy with that!

If you want to hear more, contact my friend ABBY! She can fill you in on further details and answer any questions.

I’m also happy to answer and questions you have! Comment below or send me an email, happy to help!

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