Austin Panic Room

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A few weeks ago for my husbands birthday, I wanted to do something fun and different on a night out with friends. As I asked around to a few people, I was so excited when my friend Shelley told me about the Austin Panic Room, also known as a Live Escape Game. I’d never heard of it, but from her quick description, it sounded like just what I was looking for. Come to find out, they are not only in Austin, but also Dallas and San Antonio now. So if you live in Texas, or are traveling here, this is a MUST adventure! I wasn’t allowed to take any pictures inside, so these are all from their site, but TRUST me, it was lots of fun!

Austin Panic Room

It’s a cute little house in downtown Austin, and inside are 4 different adventure rooms that you have clues and locks and things to figure out in order to escape.

You have just 60 minutes. We rented out a room with 3 other couples, so 8 of us worked to escape the room, and we were sooooo close, literally 10 seconds away from escaping. We were working on our last lock when the timer rang (or figurative bomb blew up). But even though we didn’t officially escape (I feel like we did, I’m generous like that).

Kristen Duke Halloween InvoiceI love this lock logo with the Texas state capital inside. The room we chose was the Bomb Room. Tick…tock…tick…tock…til the bomb goes off. There are clues all over that open and locks open doors to more clues. It was a challenge, and we had some smart people in our group. I am pretty sure I was the weakest link…I’m a creative, not a critical thinker!

These little army guys were placed all around, and once found, it gave us the opportunity to ask 1 question through a walkie talkie to someone watching us through a camera. That really helped us when we got stuck, he’d guide us to search in a different way for a clue.

army guy for Austin Panic Room

If we would have unlocked the last lock 11 seconds faster, we would have put our picture up on the wall as a survivor. Austin Panic Room Survivors
And had the opportunity to purchase this cool shirt. Alas, maybe next time.
Logo Austin Panic Room

The rooms change themes every 6 months, so you can keep going back. My husband told his co-worker about it, and they’ve gone twice since we went in the past two weeks–its that fun! It’s quite the adrenaline rush.
Check out this video that is on the Austin Panic Room website:

YouTube video

Tell me when you go, I want to hear all about it!

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{We got complimentary passes to check out the panic room, but all opinions are my own, we had so much fun, we can’t wait to go back!}

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