Episode #002: Mique Provost // Cell phones, family jobs, and Life through the Lens of an Autism Mom

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Mique Provost runs the successful website, Thirty Handmade Days, and she is the mom to 3 amazing children.  The first half of our discussion we talked a lot about raising her teenage son with Autism, and the grueling decisions she’s had to make as an autism mom.  We discuss the early days of realizing he wasn’t progressing like other kids, to his teen years, and I even got emotional as we discussed the challenge of giving adequate attention to her other children that don’t have special needs.

The second half of our conversation was about so many topics, including kids and cell phones. She told me about a great app to oversee your kids usage. We also discussed that we can’t monitor everything, and how we can teach our kids to have their own internal filter. From home organization to kids working around the house, to the Santa talk about half way through (in case you have littles around, you might want to plug their ears!). I hope you enjoy this chat as much as I did!


Listen to Mique Provost // Cell phones, family jobs, and Life through the Lens of an Autism Mom

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Here are the links to some of the things we talked about in our conversation:
Favorite quotes:
“Try a little harder to be a little better.”
“Always be kinder than you feel.”
“Remember who you are and the family name you bear.”
“Mind your P’s and Q’s”

Parenting podcast Life through the lens of an Autism Mom

Here is a pic of Mique and I when we officially met in person on a trip to Chicago last July

Mique Provost and Kristen Duke

Join the Conversation:  Cell phones, family jobs, and Life through the Lens of an Autism Mom

What is it that stuck out to you from our conversation? What is something you want to try to implement in YOUR family? Of course we can’t incorporate everything all at once, but if you can take just one thing from this conversation, what would it be? Don’t be overwhelmed with your parenting to-do list, just make simple changes.

We will continue the discussion on social media the day this episode goes live, and if you hear it later, you can search through the hashtag #beyondgoodintentionspodcast to see what others said. I’d love to hear your feedback and thoughts on this episode, and Mique may show up as well! You can follow her on her website ThirtyHandmadeDays.com , FACEBOOK, and on Instagram at @30daysblog Besides chatting on social media, you know how much I love REVIEWS on itunes, so share there to help this podcast reach more people. I hope you can leave this discussion with ways to strengthen your family Beyond Good Intentions.

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