BBQ Rub Recipe and Free Printables

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This BBQ Rub Recipe and Free Printable tag is a great gift for dad this Father’s Day or a gift for your host at a gathering or BBQ this summer.

BBQ Rub Recipe and free printable - perfect for father's day or host gift - finalBBQ Rub Recipe and Free Printables are brought to us from the handy design work of Jessika Reed from Hip & Simple . Here is her thoughts on this great gift idea for DAD! A little over a year ago, I moved my little family across the country and don’t get to see my extended family too often but this Father’s day I’ll get to see my dad, along with some other cherished family members! My dad is a big fan of BBQ and is really good at it. I’m always on the look out for things to help enhance his experience. This rub should do just the trick this Father’s Day. {This post was originally shared 5/2/15, updated 5/30/17}

The BBQ Rub Recipe and Free Printables is really easy to throw together. Measure out your ingredients, dump them in a bowl and mix it up. Sprinkle some on your meat before throwing it on the grill and you are on your way to a tasty meal. I put one teaspoon on each piece of meat. The first time I did more like a tablespoon and it was a little too much kick but since then I’ve figured out how much we like and it’s been a great blend of spicy and sweet! I mostly use it on steaks but you could try it on any meat. It really enhances the flavor of your meat.

BBQ Rub Recipe and free printable - perfect for father's day or host gift - mix

I tripled the recipe below and got enough to pack this jar full, plus a little extra to keep for myself! I created a free printable Father’s Day tag to go along with it. The BBQ Rub Recipe and Free Printables comes in six fun colors for you to choose what suits the dad(s) in your life.

BBQ Rub Recipe and free printable - perfect for father's day or host gift - final2

Now, I know dads aren’t the only people who like to BBQ. This BBQ Rub recipe is perfect if you’re hosting a BBQ this summer and want to spice up your meat. Or, if you’re headed to a party and want to bring along a little gift for your host, put it in a cute jar (I got mine at Hobby Lobby) and attach one of the free thank you printable tags and you are good to go!

Dry Rub for Meat free printable - perfect for father's day or ho

Click the link below to download the free BBQ Rub Recipe and Free Printables in 8×10 tags for yourself:

Father’s Day Tags

Thank You Tags

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BBQ Rub Recipe
  • 2 tablespoons paprika
  • 1 tablespoon sea salt
  • 1 tablespoon fresh ground black pepper
  • 2 teaspoons garlic powder
  • 2 teaspoons onion powder
  • ½ teaspoon cayenne
  • 3 tablespoons brown sugar – packed
  1. Put all of your ingredients in a bowl and mix well with a whisk or fork. Sprinkle your desired amount on your meat before grilling or cooking to add a spicy / sweet punch to your meal. Transfer any remaining rub to a mason jar, air tight container, ziplock bag, etc. to store until you use again. It's recommended to start out with a small amount, about a teaspoon of the rub per piece of meat, and work your way up until you find the amount you like to use as it can have some serious kick if you add too much!

Well that does it for me this month. I’d love to see you over on my blog, where you will find ideas I’ve shared like these recent posts:

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  1. Such a great idea!!

  2. I’m planning on making these for Father’s Day and just wondered if a small mason jar would be the same size as the jar you used? I’m needing to make 12 and am trying to figure out how much of the ingredients I will have to buy.