Project Be The Good in the World

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I so delighted to share something near and dear to my heart, Project Be The Good in the World.

Hi Capturing Joy readers! Pleasure, as always, to be included here. I’m Heather Walker with Heather Walker Photography and I will not be talking photography this time, but instead another passion of mine. I’d like to share a personal project I’ve been working on with my family. I’ve always greatly admired those who pass the love with Random Acts of Kindnesses. I believe that one person can make the difference in making the world a better place. I believe it’s possible that one act of Kindness in a friendly conversation with a stranger will pass on to eventually feed hungry children. I believe Acts of Kindness will discourage entitlement in children. I believe that my 50 acts of kindness will “pay it forward” and come back around to bring kindness and a better world for our four children and your children also.

Kindness cards

I’m a goal-oriented person so unless I have a plan in place my projects aren’t at the forefront of my mind. I’ve always dreamed of being part of something big that makes a difference. But the older I get the more I realize it’s truly all about the “little things” and kindness doesn’t need to be “big” to be great or impact-full!

I’ve named this “Project Be The Good”. I have designed these cards with the hope that the Random Act of Kindness will not stop with just one act, but multiply with the card being continuously reused on the next Act of Kindness. These are business card sized so you can hold a few in your wallet the next time you notice someone who could use some kindness and attach this to your gesture. I printed my goal of 50 cards at for $12. But you can of course do on your home printer on cardstock (so they last longer) or any other printing company.  kindness-card

Below you can download a page of the front and a page of the back in an 8×10 pdf form.



Please feel free to use the hashtag on the card. I hope you join me on this project! And if you don’t feel you can accomplish a page of these cards, then just do one. Which reminds me of a favorite quote from Mother Teresa, “If you can’t feed 100 people, then feed just one”. Here is my Pinterest board to help inspire. And remember Acts of Kindness must not always come from our wallets. I start with my heart and then I decide what I can give on this day. Yesterday I followed a woman out of Target who had a big tag hanging out of her dress and when I told her she (blushingly) told me how grateful she was because she was on the way to her work party at a job she just started… and tomorrow my children and I will wrap gifts for the less fortunate. Be the Good… because there is indeed, so much good!

Merry Christmas,

Heather Walker

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