Beach Memories Sand Photo Frames

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Hello everyone! I’m Kimberly from Stuffed Suitcase, where I share tips and ideas about family travel and life between trips. One of my favorite things about family vacations are the photos that capture the memories you make together as a family while traveling. I love the idea of bringing a piece of your destination back home with you, which is why I love these Beach Memories Sand Photo Frames.

DIY Sand Photo Frames fora souvenir displaying your Beach Vacation Memories family travel

I first did this project years ago from a fabulous vacation to PEI, and we’ve received many compliments over the years about our display. I’m looking forward to having you hop over to Stuffed Suitcase for the details, so you too can create a great photo display from your beach vacation memories!

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I love this idea, Kimberly! I just collected some sand and shells from our recent trip to the beach, this is such a great idea to do with that! 

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