Bedroom Makeover: One Room Challenge

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I’m a first timer to the One Room Challenge, and I’m excited to tackle our main bedroom! Having just moved into our 25 year old home a few months ago, and first making over our family room and then painting our exterior, it’s TIME! Here is the vision board I put together for our bedroom makeover:

One Room Challenge Vision Board

When we bought the house, this is the BEFORE we were working with.

One Room Challenge Bedroom Makeover Before

When we obtained ownership of the house on June 8th, the very first thing we did was rip out the carpet here (and the entire basement) and replace it. Shopping around for carpet was a bit of a pain, but ultimately we went with Home Depot and got a less expensive carpet with the highest quality padding. I’m grateful that whole deal worked out because we LOVE our carpet!!!

New Carpet main bedroom

The only and previous owner to our home was an older single lady, and this mauve/pink room seemed perfect for this paint color, but I just can’t do that to my husband. I love this next picture of me blending into the wall.

bedroom makeover matching the paint on the wall

Here are a few more images of what the room looks like NOW, maybe a more true BEFORE the one room challenge:

(coming soon, taking pictures today after I clean the clothes on the floor!)


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