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Stop right now, and look up the birthdays of the top 10-20  most important people in your life:  Teachers, neighbors, family, college roommates, close friends. Maybe there are a handful of people that you’d like to get to know better, or just feel grateful for.  I’m here to help you remember their birthdays throughout the year with this simple one page print.

It’s my birthday celebration week, and I’m excited to share today a Yearly Calendar free printable to help you remember the birthdays of your faves!  Just print it out, fill it out, and hang it up in a spot you’ll see it often.

Yearly Birthday Calendar Free Printable

You decide who gets written down on this special paper,

or maybe even make one for friends and one for family. Take a few minutes after you print it out to write those that you want to at least reach out to, whether you give a gift or not. Later in the birthday week celebration, I’ll share tips on how to celebrate those that don’t live close–on the cheap.

I am so excited to have this for myself, I’ve been needing something like this for SOOO long! I feel bad for all the people I forget that I love so much and want to remember better. Here is a look at the printable, download link is below!
Birthdays to Remember free printable calendar

{Printable created for Capturing Joy by Jessika Reed}

 Isn’t it cute???? I love it! Simple and Easy.


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