Blanket Gift Tag: Sleep in Heavenly Peace

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The gift of a blanket at Christmas time is truly a useful, zero calorie gift.  And this coordinating blanket gift tag is easy to print and attach. “Sleep in Heavenly Peace” from “Silent Night” is the perfect sentiment to make this the perfect Christmas gift.

Blanket Gift Tag: Sleep in Heavenly Peace

My friend posted about the softest sherpa blankets she found at Costco, and I had to go grab a handful. One for our family and a few for some friends. When I opened up our blanket, my kids went nuts over it. I guess you could say they are blanket connoisseurs. They often steal all the soft blankets in the house and take them up to their rooms, so there are no cozy blankets in our family room when it’s evening cuddle time.

When I opened this blanket, and they saw the stack of others next to it, they said, “Can we PLEASE just keep ALL of them??? They are SO soft!”  We definitely didn’t need all of them.

And I had a plan for them.  With some ribbon and a cute gift tag, those blankets were going to become clever little Christmas gifts.

Blanket Gift Tag: Sleep in Heavenly Peace

Blanket Gift Tag: Sleep in Heavenly Peace

The phrase ‘sleep in heavenly peace was the perfect Christmas wish for my friends and neighbors, so I designed these tags in festive holiday colors.

I’m all about the ZERO calorie gifts. I shared fun little videos I made for The Gift of Dishes and the hand soap Christmas gift idea, and this goes right along with that.

Though I love to make and receive treats, sometimes there is such a thing as too much of a good thing.  The blanket gift idea probably costs more than the soap or paper plates, but is perfect for some extra special friends and neighbors.

>>>>  Download the blanket gift tag here:  Sleep in Heavenly Peace

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