Lunch Jokes with Body Parts

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I totally thought I already shared these Lunch Jokes with Body Parts in August. I had them all ready to go, and was going to write this post when I was in Tennessee, and completely forgot! Did you see my shares on social media of the makeover I pulled off with my sister in law? I’ll share on the blog soon. Just an FYI, I am working REALLLY hard at finishing a big project by the end of September, so the posts won’t be as often. If you haven’t noticed, I haven’t had the greatest consistant schedule anyway…so thanks for sticking around and being patient with me! I’ve still go lots to share! I’m giving myself a goal of a set of jokes each month, so this is for August, I’ve got another set for September!Lunch Jokes with Body Parts

It felt awkward naming this set…body parts….jokes for the body. You know, just limbs.

Grab the Download here: Body Jokes

You know I’ve got nearly a bajillion more jokes, right? I went to the Open House at my daughters middle school last night, and her teacher reminded me that I spoke at the Career Fair last year, and it was hosted in her classroom. She said, “After  you talked, I started to print the lunch jokes to slip into my husbands lunch–I don’t even have kids yet!” Oh, how I loved hearing that….hooray for lunch jokes! They just bring a smile to everyone’s face.

I also printed a few sets and cut them up and sent them to my sister in law, as a gift. Her husband is in the hospital getting chemo now, and she’s pulled so much now, and having a hard time connecting with her kids, so I thought this would be a great way to help her out.

Here is a sampling of more jokes…just hover over FAMILY FUN at the top, and scroll to lunch jokes!

Kids Lunch box Jokes with fun video

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