Bowl of Cereal Costume

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This fun bowl of cereal costume was a big hit with my daughter and the neighborhood.  Come check out how to make a fruit loops costume!

young girl in a bowl of cereal costume

Do you like to make costumes for your kids, or buy them at the store? I generally like to buy them.  As much as I like originality, it’s a lot of work! When my friend Adrian was over last month, she was asking Cali what she wanted to be for Halloween. She said she didn’t know, so they went about searching the Internet for ideas. And when they stumbled upon the bowl of cereal costume from StudioDIY,  my daughter decided right then and there thats what she wanted to do!  We love cereal around here!

girl in fruit loops costume

I may have had a few heart palpitations at the idea of pulling it together, but Adrian offered to help.Thank you Adrian! Cali was so excited.  We began the process with a giant 36 inch balloon.  Then added 4 layers of paper-mâché.  When it tried we painted it to make the bowl.

paper mache for bowl of cereal costume

My daughter wasn’t prepared for the compliments and excitement she would receive at her school carnival from people watching her walk.  I just kept reminding her to say thank you with a smile, over and over again! I really did not feel like venturing out to the event, and planned to just have my older daughter take her. But I’m glad I got forced myself to go and watch her shine in her fruit loops costume.

mother daughter in fruit loops costume


kids bowl of cereal costume

How to make a Bowl of Cereal Costume

I wished there were more pull back shots on Studio DIY site, so I wanted to share them here. Got to her site for the specific directions.

how to make bowl of cereal costume

more steps…

paper mache costume


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