Printable Valentines for Boys

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These fun dinosaur valentines, monster valentines, race car valentines, pizza valentines and more are perfect valentines for boys to give and receive.


There are so many cute valentines options out there, but I can’t always find good valentines for boys.  Most are cute and red and pink and frankly, not something my boys would love to give to their friends.  I wanted some fun colorful valentines that would be perfect for boys and girls to give and receive, and my friend Jessika Reed from Hip and Simple made these fun set of Valentines for boys that I think everyone will love.

valentines for boys

My boys gave their stamp of approval on these fun valentines.  From rocket valentines to monster valentines, you have just about everything you need.  We even have the dinosaur and pizza lovers covered.  

valentines for boys


Print these valentines for boys out and give them as is, attach them to some fun candy, or even coordinate them with race car toys, plastic dinosaurs, or a gummy pizza!  So many fun options and all right up your little guys alley.


valentines for boys

You can download these printable valentines for boys all in one 8×10 PDF sheet HERE.

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