Boys Adventure Room Decoration

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Hi! I’m Heather Walker, and it’s so fun to join in sharing on Kristen’s blog again! This time I chose a project that’s finally off my to-do list, the shared room of my two middle children. The theme of our boys’ room is an Adventure Room, and came from gathering a few of their favorite things from our adventures together. I included them in the decision by asking what they wanted to keep in their room and their “rock collection, globe and beds” were some of the things mentioned; so the adventure theme was a simple one.

Adventure room

It’s important to me that everything in our home has meaning, is beautiful, or useful; therefore I like when our “things” come from our travels together.

One way I like adding character to a room is finding timeless treasures at thrift shops or antique stores. The beds, the old tool box holding their books, the child’s chair, and the red stool, were all found treasures. I also love displaying our children’s art work around our home to show them how proud we are of their creations. I purchased the boys’ initials and the burlap map from Land of Nod. The cow hide pillows are from World Market. And the star sheets are from Pottery Barn Kids. But my favorite items are the ones picked up during our stops at markets while traveling; like the ladder from Santa Fe, and the steel drums from Jamaica that both include a memory, therefore these items are much more than just material “things”. I’ll let the pictures do the talking, enjoy!

Boys Room Makeover

Hope you enjoyed our boys adventure room decoration!

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