Breakfast in PJ’s Birthday Party

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This Breakfast in PJ’s Birthday Party was all my daughter’s idea. With a buffet of pancakes, orange juice, bacon, cereal bars, and donuts, you just can’t go wrong.Breakfast in PJs

The Breakfast in PJ’s Birthday Party allows the party attendee’s to come casual for a fun time. Who doesn’t love galavanting around in jammie’s? I do!

{This post originally shared June 2013, updated June 2017}

When my cute daughter turned 8, she wanted a Breakfast in PJ’s party, so that we did! She selected green and blue as the colors to decorate with, and helped me plan the menu: chocolate chip pancakes, orange juice, doughnuts, and lots of BACON!  They also made necklaces with fruit loops, and Trix Krispie treats. I feel like I actually had a toned down party after her sisters Pretty Purple Party in April, because it was a crazy week with family in town for her church baptism. As crazy as it is to make a cute tablescape, when it is all said and done, I look at it with as much joy in my heart as I would a finished bedroom makeover or family photo shoot–creating with color and style is fun for me. I don’t do it to “out-do” anyone else or to prove anything, just for fun for me and my kids who get a kick out of all the effort I put into it. I’ll be sharing the PB&J doughnut recipe next week, but everything else is pretty basic. Enjoy the pictures!breakfast bacon

breakfast food Breakfast in PJs collage  breakfast party chocolate chip pankcakes orange juice

birthday cake

I love my girl so much, and it was a delight to see her enjoy her friends at this fun gathering. To see some of the other past party creations I’ve thrown, check out my Parties section (also in my blog header for future reference).


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