Caring for Seniors in our Community

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I hope to teach my kids that caring for seniors in our community is something that will help them think outside of themselves and focus on others.

Care for Seniors in the community

I’m often trying to think of ways to help my children be more service minded. I believe that as we do acts of service, it helps us to be less selfish, and more selfless. With that, we get outside of our own head, our own challenges, and think about others, which in turns makes those life challenges seem a little smaller. That is a message I hope my children GET early on, and will carry with them throughout their life. Service is a double blessing, for others and ourselves.

I’m happy to partner with Ready to Care, an initiative by Home Instead Senior Care, to help spread the word about the value of seniors.  I want my kids to look at this older generation in our community as those that have raised children, started businesses, volunteered, and gained decades of wisdom. They are a big part of the fabric of our society.

As seniors age, they’ll need our help. Together, through acts of kindness and awareness, we can make a difference and inspire future generations to continue caring for our senior community members. Something I really love about the Ready to Care program is that when you sign up, you get text messages with prompts and ideas for how to best serve in the community. 

Just this last week, my daughter visited an empty nester friend in our neighborhood, and the 3 of us play cards together, and had a great time! It was fun to get to know my friend Cheryl a bit better, see the crafts around her home that she’s painted, get to know her out of town children through pictures, and hear her stories.

Caring for Seniors

I thought I’d help jump start some ideas for helping to get your teens involved in caring for seniors in your community, here is what we came up with.

10 ways to encourage service for seniors in your community:

  1. Stop in for a visit, ask questions, LISTEN to their stories
  2. Play a game
  3. Do yard work
  4. Paint their nails (ladies)
  5. Play a musical instrument
  6. Drive them to an appointment
  7. Read a book with them
  8. Bake a treat
  9. Text a quote or kind thought
  10. Watch a movie with them

I think about my own grandparents who live in another state, and I would love for the teens in their community to reach out to them more. I know they already have some kind neighbors willing to help, but I just love the idea of weekly prompts to meet up with them, thinking outside the box. Also, since my kids can’t spend time with them on a regular basis, it would make my heart happy to reach out to the seniors in our own community, a sort of vicarious grandparent.

Sign up to join the tribe of caring people who get weekly inspiration from each other and helping seniors in the process. After signing up, you will get weekly prompts delivered via text to your phone with tips and inspiration for care messages.

Join the movement to make the world a better place for seniors.


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