Chocolate Popcorn~with homemade microwave popcorn

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Seriously loving this quick and easy treat lately! I am now keeping these wilton wafers on hand along with popcorn and its all ready in 10 minutes.  It’s as easy at 1.2.3!

Step 1:  Pop a bag of popcorn.

Step 2: Melt some chocolate.  Its fun to have colorful (Wilton wafers) but chips or almond bark work as well. DO NOT OVERCOOK chocolate….melting a little and stirring inbetween helps loosen the big chunks of chocolate.

Step 3:  Dump melted chocolate on popcorn in a large container and shake, shake, shake. (I make sure all the uncooked kernals are out before this).

Place it in the freezer for 5 minutes and shake, shake, shake again. I like it cold, but its all ready to enjoy now!  Yum yum and a crowd favorite!  I use plain popcorn and add a little salt after the chocolate it on, but I have also tried the pre buttered and it gives it a bit of a sweet/salty flavor, too.

Now…have you ever heard of homemade microwave popcorn? I had heard of the process but never tried it until recently and it works amazingly!  Grap a bag of kernals (

Dump it into a plain old lunch sack.  About 1 cup.

Fold and tape the bag closed.

Lay it down flat and cook. I have a “popcorn” button, but about 2 minutes.

And it overflows out!

Enjoy this tasty treat!!!

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