Our Christmas Festivities 2014

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It’s the day after Christmas, and all is quiet. The presents are opened, the magic has subsided, our hearts are full. We had a great day, spending time with each other, and feeling joy as we opened gifts, and watching others open.  I wanted to share a handful of pictures from our celebration, to show how we captured the joy of the day, as I am often encouraging you to capture it, too. It was just the 6 of us here (with a few neighbor kids trickling in and out) and I stayed in my Christmas Jammies the entire day!

On Christmas Eve, we said goodbye our our elf, J.J. It’s so fun to watch the girls get excited each morning to find him, they LOVED that he hid in their room one day. Last year, our youngest was quite sad to see him go (tears), but this year, she was better. We will all miss the joy of that little elf. On the last day, legend says that you can hold him to bid farewell, so we did. saying goodbye to elf

Some kisses, too.goodbye to elf on a shelf

We came inside, did some fluffing of the tree, or just pretending to fluff so mom could take pictures…

christmas eve preparations kids by christmas tree

The Christmas Jammies this year were found at Target. I’d seen a flier in early November that they had matching family jammies. I ran to the computer to order, and they were all sold out of a few of the sizes I needed. My local store had everything except the mens sizes, and I looked around to a few stores. I finally found the set I needed for my two older boys, but for my oldest son, I had to have them taken in for the size I got. All in all, they worked out! Last year, I made them, and I was happy to not do that this year. Maybe every other year… My family humors me and my desire to take lots of pictures. They will be grateful some day. I set up my tripod and flash, and ran back with the timer setting.

christmas jammies

matching family Christmas pajamas


boys in matching christmas pajamas mom and girls in christmas jammies Christmas Tree Lights handstands in christmas pajamas

Then the kids went to bed, girls sleeping in the boys room, and we told them to not come into our room until 7:15. I am not down with opening presents before the sun comes up. We go out at a decent hour, and enjoy the process well into the morning.
santa gifts discovered

kids opening presents

I found the chair cubes at Target months ago, on their college dorm room clear out, for $10 each. They’ve been waiting in the attic for a bit.

boys open soccer goals

homemade soccer goals

fifa world cup futeball

My husband is a cyclist, and I’ve had a cheap Wal Mart bike for years, and I’ve asked him to pick out a great one for me because I’ve been cycling more. I was excited he did!

new bike

Christmas gifts

My girls were excited about the Jelly Belly Bean Boozled game they’d seen on Brooklyn and Bailey YouTube show.

bean boozled game

My older daughter has been asking for a long time for a reading chair with arms on it. I also found those on the Target dorm room sale for $10 and got a bunch, and shoved them in the attic. Everyone got one, and it was a BIG hit with the whole fam!

reading pillow

I like to match the girls with each other

be awesome shirts

family opening presents

moving pvc pipe soccer goal

It was a great day! Filled with soccer and games and eating and lounging. Hope you had a great day, tell me something fun you got or gifted that you were excited about!

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