Christmas Gift Ideas for Teen Girls

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Looking for some great Christmas Gift Ideas for Teen Girls in your life?  It can be so hard to surprise our kids, and asking them what they want takes some of the fun out of it, so I asked my teenage daughters for ideas to share with you!  Here are some great gift ideas for 2019!

Christmas Gift Ideas for Teen Girls

Gifts for Teen Girls 2019

My daughter is 14, and when I sat down with her to ask what were the best Christmas gift ideas for teen girls in 2019 were, she helped me make this list. So this gift ideas list is coming straight from a teen girls mouth! PIN this post or follow my AMAZON STORE (where I share all of our family favorites and photo gear) page with this list.

Hydroflask metal water bottle: (or it’s generic counterpart) Lots of colors, sizes, and lids. Maybe too many options! 32 oz. seems to be the best size, it’s what my daughter has. My daughter and I like the straw attachment as opposed to drinking straight from the wide mouth of the bottle (my teen boy likes to drink it that way though). They also like the “boot” on the bottom of the bottle so it doesn’t dent. I’m linking to both Hydroflask brand as well as the generic and a few accessories. If your teen likes the stickers, just cover up the generic brand and no one will be the wiser!

Water bottle stickers. Kids love to collect these and put on their water bottles or laptops. It’s a great way to share personality and they are pretty inexpensive!

Metal straws

Vans (black and white checkerboard) Slip-on

Birkenstocks–these shoes are making the rounds again! My daughter loves to wear mine all the time. There are so many styles and colors and even generic for a little less.



Coil hair elastics


Technology Gift Ideas for Teenagers

Echo Dot + wall mount–Each of my kids now have one of these in their rooms and use it for Alarms, music, and checking the weather among other things. The wall mount is nice to not have to take up any space on a surface area.

Polaroid/Instax–My daughter loves to take these pictures with her friends and has a wall dedicated to displaying them in her bedroom. So many fun accessories to go with it as well.

Air pods or the new airpod PRO!

Air pod cute case

Makeup and Jewelry Christmas Gift Ideas

Make up or gift cards to ULTA

String for bracelet making–My daughter loves making bracelets for herself and friends. I love this organized kit with tools!

Bath and Body Perfume–so many delicious scents, teens like to change it up from day to day!

James Avery Charm Ring–This is something my daughter loves and feels a bit unique. James Avery is a jeweler in Texas, and I’ve loved the dangle rings since I was a kid and now my daughter loves them. Pick any charm and add it to a ring base. This is the ring band we have. So many gorgeous jewelry pieces on their site (I have a charm bracelet of theirs).

Christmas Gift Ideas for Teen Girls 2019

In Summary, here are the ideas:
  • Hydroflask
  • Hydroflask accessories
  • Water Bottle Stickers
  • Metal Straws
  • Checkerboard Vans
  • Birkenstocks
  • Scrunchies
  • Coil Hair Elastics
  • Echo Dot + wall mount
  • Polaroid or Instax camera
  • Air Pods (Air Pod Pro)
  • Air Pod Case
  • ULTA gift card
  • String for bracelet making
  • Bath & Body perfume
  • James Avery charm ring
So if you are one of those that need some Christmas gift ideas for teenage girls, I hope you found something that caught your eye!  If you are looking for some smaller gift ideas, check out my ideas for Stocking Stuffers for Girls!
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