Christmas Present Pretzel Treats

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These festive pretzel treats are a great party snack or a fun Christmas gift for for your neighbors.


I’m Kimberly from Stuffed Suitcase, and I’m here to show you how to make some Christmas Present Pretzels for this holiday season. Chocolate covered pretzels are one of my favorite treats and they’re great for holiday parties. Just the perfect sweet and salty mix and easy to store and deliver to neighbors!  Last year I made large batches of the reindeer noses. This year, I decided to create my own sweet & salty pretzel treat!

Christmas present pretzel treatsThese Christmas present pretzel treats are very easy to make and will be a huge hit with everyone.


First, you need to gather your pretzel treat supplies. I bought my square “waffle” butter snap pretzels at Target. The butter is a strong flavor, so you might want the plain snap pretzels if you’re not a butter fan. Then grab some semi-sweet chocolate chips and Christmas m&m’s.Christmas present pretzel treats


I wasn’t sure how easy it would be to cut the m&m’s, but they split quite easily. Using a sharp paring knife worked great. To melt the chocolate chips, I used a melt chocolate function on my microwave, but you could probably use a lower power if you don’t have that function. Or a double boiler. If you’re melting in the microwave, stir often. It won’t look like it’s melting, but once you stir it you’ll see it’s ready.

Christmas present pretzel treats

Next you’re ready to start assembling the Christmas present pretzel treats.  Dunk the top pretzel edge in the chocolate. I did an angled dip so the chocolate got on one side edge and the top but not the back side. Then remove the pretzel and lay it on a flat surface. Place two m&m halves along the top edge into the chocolate, then place two more half m&m’s angled on the front. Let them sit for a while for the chocolate to firm up. You can put them into the fridge to hurry it along.

Christmas present pretzel treats

Now you’ve got great little Christmas Present Pretzel Treats to give friends, pack for road trips, or shove into your own mouth.

Christmas present pretzel treats

christmas pretzel treats

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