Back to School Printables

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Back to School Printables can be printed and attached right to the school supplies, a little gift for the teacher.

Color Me Excited Back to School Printables

Happy to have Erin from Strawberry Mommycakes to share her digital talents.  

With this being my second year of sending a child to school, I’m still pretty new to this. I am dreading waking up in the morning to rush to get to the bus stop (it’s at 7AM people!!!) and I’m sad that she won’t be around all day. However, I think it’s something she really needs.


We’re stuck in doors a lot in the Arizona heat, so having school play time will be great for her. Plus, grocery shopping with 3 kids is kind of like torture.

Color Me Excited Back to School Printables

I learned quickly last year that kids use up A LOT of supplies. Many times, teachers end up buying supplies with their own money and some students can’t afford them. I figured it’d be nice this year to purchase some extras for my daughter’s class and I can send them with these cute printables.

Color Me Excited Back to School Printables

Because even though I’m dreading some aspects of back to school, I’m still pretty excited to get back on a schedule and have maybe a teensy bit of alone time!

Color Me Excited Back to School Printables

Back to School Printables

These are so easy! Just download the free file, print and cut, then attach them to a crayon or marker pack with ribbon or washi tape! You can also place supplies in a basket…it’s really up to you! These printables are really versatile 🙂

Color Me Excited Back to School Printables

How about you? Are you excited for school to start or dreading it? Or maybe like me and a little bit of both?

Whether you are happy, or not…head over to my blog for my ice cream sandwich recipe to savor summer a little longer!

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