Cookie Monster Ice Cream {without a machine}

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I’m so excited to share that I made my FIRST homemade ice cream last week with my kids! It was a BIG hit, I’ve already got plans to make another flavor.   I wanted to do something fun and different, so we died the ice cream BLUE, threw in a bunch of cookies, and called it Cookie Monster Ice Cream. And we made the ice cream without a machine!

cookie monster ice cream


This ice cream idea all came together when I hosted a little game on  my Instagram account .  I asked about favorite flavors of ice cream. Someone mentioned they’d been to an ice cream shop that sells Cookie Monster Ice Cream, and that it was blue, just like that cute little monster, and I thought it would be so fun to make with my kiddos!


They loved helping chop up the cookies and mixing in the dairy. I think it was fun to see how one of their favorite treats was put together.

kids activity making cookie monster ice cream

The hardest part is spreading out the jobs enough so that they all feel equally participating.  This recipe is SUPER simple, and if you are ok with dying your food every once in a while, the BLUE is pretty fun, but you don’t have to add that part in.

how to make cookie monster ice cream

This recipe makes a good half gallon, yumminess for several days!

Cookie Monster Ice Cream Recipe

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healthy snack
Cookie Monster Ice Cream
Prep Time
20 mins
Total Time
20 mins
Homemade ice cream without a dessert. Easy 3 ingredients plus cookie mix in's!
Course: Dessert
Author: Kristen Duke
  • ice cream:
  • 2 cups heavy whipping cream
  • 1-8 ounce package cream cheese
  • 1-14 ounce can of sweetened condensed milk
  • mix in's:
  • 10 Oreo cookies
  • 10 Chips Ahoy cookies
  • Blue food coloring paste approx 1/4 tsp.
  1. Chill a metal bowl and/or beater blades for at least 30 minutes.
  2. Beat the heavy whipping cream until stiff peaks form.
  3. Beat the cream cheese until creamy.
  4. Slowly add the sweetened condensed milk and beat again.
  5. Add in the blue food coloring, as much or as little as possible.
  6. Fold in the whipped cream gently.
  7. Stir in the cookie chunks.
  8. Transfer to a freezer friendly dish (I used a bread loaf pan)
  9. Freeze 4-6 hours or overnight

homemade ice cream without a machine

Make some Cookie Monster Ice Cream with your kids, ASAP!

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  1. yummy. can’t wait to try.

    • Kristen Duke says:

      Thanks, Kiki, it was so fun to make with the kids…and EAT!

  2. shelley says:

    I am totally going to try this!! It looks delish!!!

    • Kristen Duke says:

      It’s such a fun recipe for the kids, too! Especially breaking up the cookies! Your boys will love it!

  3. Yum! Love it!

  4. Joy says:

    We love making homemade ice cream! Just wish I would have had this recipe for my youngest’s “Cookie Monster” themed birthday party.

    • Kristen Duke says:

      oh darn!!! I bet the party was fabulous anyway, and this treat can be a reminder of it!

  5. Crystal says:

    Super delicious!! It reminds me of Cookie Monster on Sesame Street who was my girls (and mine too) favorite. Can’t wait to make it!! Thanks for the recipe!!

  6. Ava says:

    That looks awesome! Can’t wait to do it with my little girl!

  7. Normally I’d never eat any blue food, but I’m gonna make an exception for this ice cream! Pinning 🙂

  8. I HAVE to try this recipe! I don’t have an ice cream machine so it’s very doable. Thanks for posting!

  9. Too much fun!!!

  10. The kids would love to make this! Pinned!

  11. Oh my this looks so yummy! My kids will love making this! I just pinned it! 🙂

  12. This is seriously the coolest looking ice cream! My kids would love all the cookies and the bright blue color!

  13. Wow! This looks amazing, Kristen! Fun and delish!

  14. Looks delicious! Can’t wait to try out this recipe. Thanks for sharing how to create easy ice cream without using a machine.

  15. Brooke Miller says:

    What flavor of ice cream are yall using?

  16. KaCee says:

    My 3 year old loves anything blue! I know he would love this. Thanks for the recipe!

  17. Piper Whelan says:

    One thing before I try to make this- does it taste overly like Condensed Milk? I don’t like condensed milk at all.

    • Kristen Duke says:

      I don’t think so, but I’m not sure I have noticed condensed milk in anything!

  18. This is the cutest idea! And it looks delicious. This would be so cute for a birthday party. Love it!

  19. Laura says:

    Great recipe. Love it. I will try it right now. Thanks for sharing

  20. Ethan says:

    Looking so Yummmm !!! Going to try for sure.
    – Ethan

  21. I have read your post, it was very helpful to me.
    Thank you for share the post.

  22. I love cookie monster Ice Cream. Thanks for sharing this amazing mouth watering recipe.

  23. Yahoo… it look fun, i will ask my son to do it on her birthday. thanks for your idea.


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