Providing a Safe Environment for Your Kids

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Providing a Safe Environment for Your Kids is such an important part of parenting, and this is part of what I spoke to Reachel in this episode of Beyond Good Intentions, a parenting podcast I started over a year ago.

I’m delighted to share with you my chat with Reachel Bagley. We met 8 years ago at a park in Arizona, and haven’t seen each other since, but we’ve interacted online, as she shares wardrobe strategies as she helps others clean out their closets and minds at @CardiganEmpire.

Providing safe environment for kids

We talk about how she met her husband, adoption, surprise pregnancy, and how our job as parents is to create a safe environment for our children, as our children are pre-programmed with their own agenda.

We also discussed the commitment of TIME for our children is so much more of a foundation than opportunities presented with money.

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Living Scriptures

Here is a shot of Reachel and I in 2011, to see her family pictures from this day that I took (as well as the silhouette above), click to see their family pictures here.

Reachel Bagley and Kristen Duke

Reachel’s favorite parenting books we discussed are:

The Whole-Brain Child and Raising Human Beings

Listen right here to my chat with Reache or on iTunes, Spotify, or Google Playl:

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