A day at the Beach {Corpus Christi Texas}

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I’m not really a big fan of the beach. It’s sandy, it’s salty, it’s sticky. I don’t like being sticky. Even as a young girl, I didn’t love going to the beach because I knew the entire drive home would be sticky. BUT, my California boy LOVES the beach…it is his Zen. He dreams of it, yea dreams of living on it someday…that is not my dream. Actually if I don’t get in the water, I can tolerate it much more. We live 3 hours from the beach, but haven’t been since my family reunion last November (remember the extended family pictures with the beach balls?) Last weekend, we took a drive down to Corpus Christi, Texas to go to the beach and visit my brother, too. I thought I’d share a few fun shots of us playing at the beach. {This post originally went live on Sept. 22, 2013, updated in 2016}

family beach trip

It had been raining the entire week before, but the day we went to the beach, the stars aligned, and it was a gorgeous, most perfect day! The kids loved playing in the waves, and the water was the perfect temperature–not too hot, not too cold. It was even warm enough that I didn’t freeze when I got out of the water.

My brother had tucked in his garage “the Mega-station” that my mom got for our lake family reunion 5 years ago. It’s a floating party boat.

megastation beach raft

It’s meant for calmer waters, and we didn’t expect the waves to be so big in the bay, but the kids had a blast, and we even got some pictures caught from my brother’s waterproof camera (I need to get another one of those puppies).

To get your own giant floating raft, I pulled a few similar on Amazon (affiliate). If you’ve got kids you want to keep contained, get one with a bottom everywhere instead of the opening at the bottom.

Ocean Waves

We were only about 20 feet out, and an adult could always touch, and helped us not drift off into the ocean. The waves would come crashing over us at times, which could bring laughter…or tears. I had to hold on tight to the little ones, and the big kids went flailing about. My daughters braces even cut a gash into my sons foot–oops! Luckily no major injuries.

At the beach

I wish I got a pic of my brother and his family of 5, everyone is represented except the 6 month old baby, who enjoyed time in her shaded bouncy seat. If the beach brings my family this much joy, I can surely tolerate it at least once a year;)

family ocean time

Are you like me or my husband? Love the beach, or tolerate it?

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