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Hi, Jackie here from Teal & Lime.  A big thanks to Kristen for allowing me to join the party this month.  The Decorating with Pictures series is what initially got me hooked on reading Kristen’s blog.

The first time my family photographer quizzed us in great detail about where we planned to hang pictures, BEFORE we ever took the pictures, I thought she was crazy!

Don’t you just take the best pictures you can and then  decide where to hang them afterward?!

Well over the years, I realized the genius in her ways.  We have been way more satisfied with our portraits when we plan them to coordinate with the room beforehand.  Let’s face it, professional photography is pricey.  We have found the photos that coordinate well with our home decor have true staying power!  

How to Match Your Pictures to Your Decor by Teal & Lime for

Come over to Teal & Lime today to:

  • Get 6 tips for matching your next family photo session to your room decor.
  • See our newest gallery wall of superhero pictures (plus a bonus tip on making cheap capes).
  • And, find out why I love ordering a bunch of 8x10s, instead of one larger portrait.

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It’s so true, Jackie! I often ask my clients the same thing! You don’t want to have hot pink in your clothing for pictures if you have burnt orange in the room you’ll hang them! What a great post!

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Decorating with Pictures Ideas

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