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Hello Friends!  I’m Michelle from Iron & Twine.


 When it comes to decorating our home with pictures, I love showcasing snapshots of recent travels and small moments in time that bring back a memory ~ isn’t that what we all are striving for?!  Because our household has yet to have kids in it, sometimes it’s hard to figure out what photos to display.  Personally, I don’t want a ton of 8×10 frames of my face displayed throughout our house, and there’s only so many landscape shots I can put up.  We’re currently wrapping up our kitchen renovation and I wanted a simple way to display some personal photographs.  Ask me about somewhere I’ve traveled and I’ll probably start off by telling you what I ate.  Weird right?!  I don’t consider myself a foodie, but rather someone who makes memories through food.  Yes, I’m that person taking a picture of their plate at a restaurant, but  I can look back at that photo and tell you where I was, who I was with and what the surrounding sights and sounds were.  One of my pleasures in life is good food & good company ~ so, what better place than my kitchen to display those snapshots in time and also add some daily inspiration to my cooking.  Inspired by matte postcards, 90’s food catalogs and my love of eating, I came up with this oh so simple DIY that you can print from home ~ #FoodieFrames:
Be sure to stop by Iron & Twine to see what paper I printed these on to achieve a slightly vintage, matte finish and to see how I labeled each!
Thank you, Michelle!  I love the idea of memories through food in your kitchen. Thank you for sharing a way to personalize our home in a different way!

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