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I’m so thrilled to introduce my friend Brooke to all of you today! I met Brooke last summer at the EVO blog conference, and I was instantly drawn to her. She is so easy to talk to and so generous with her time in helping me sort out a few blogging details. I even joined her on the Better Blogging Google Hangout and learned even more about this blogging biz!  Her site, All Things Thrifty, is filled with all sorts of fabulous home projects and painting tips–love it! When you head over, check out her pic on the sidebar–I snapped it for her;)
Hi there Kristen Duke fans!! I am really excited to not only show you how I decorate with photos in my house, but I’m super excited to show you a quick trick to making your photos look great!

Texture cream is the best kept secret I can think of when it comes to decorating with  photos. I printed my kids’ photos at Costco, and even though I chose the “lustre” option, they were super duper shiny! Plus, I’m a thrift store shopper so I tend to buy a lot of picture frames. Well, when you buy picture frames this way, most the time they don’t come with glass.
So, my kids’ photos were really reflective in the light, and it drove me crazy! I’ve used texture cream on craft projects before, and I was super nervous to try texture cream on the photos because I didn’t want them to get ruined. But, I am soooo happy with the results and it takes literally 5 minutes! ! BEST. NEWS. EVER!

With this tiny product, your plain printed photos look like expensive canvas! It’s amazing!

The hardest part of the entire project is finding the texture cream! The product that I use is from Gluefast and it’s the 520 semi-gloss quart product.

All you need to do is plop a little spoonful onto the picture.

texture cream for photos Decorating with pictures Decorating with pictures

Next, take a foam roller and spread the texture cream around until it’s even. Seriously…!

Decorating with pictures Decorating with pictures

Your inexpensive prints now look like canvas! decorating with portraits gallery wall

Hopefully decorating with pictures just got a tiny bit easier with this fun inexpensive trick! decorating with photos



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