Decorating with Pictures at Julie Parker Photography

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I’m very happy to introduce a photographer I’ve admired for quite a while, and she lives just down the road from my grandparents in Utah! Julie Parker has some amazing photography, and her home decor incorporates that love of photography in a wonderful way.


home decor diy

Me and my family are really into waterskiing, so I wanted to have our pictures taken at the private lake where we ski.  These are the FIRST family pictures I have had taken, but not for a lack of trying!  I literally pulled everything together on one day, that way my  family wouldn’t be dreading it for weeks.


Luckily, everything worked out from the outfits to the borrowed vintage trailer.  For outfits, I chose colors that I have throughout my home, especially in my office where I knew they would be hung.  I pulled from everyone’s closets to see what we already had and what I would need to buy. I ended up only having to buy a pair of pants and shoes for my daughter.

diy photography

The placement of these vintage frames and windows is not ideal, but I wanted to cover up as many holes in the wall as I could from a previous wall arrangement.

family photography

home decor

I chose to print the pictures in my living room  in a warm black and white for a more uniform look.  Since all of the pictures were taken at different times throughout the years, if they were printed in color, they would not look very cohesive.

home decor

The series of pictures in this vintage window are of each of my kids on their first day of kindergarten.

kids photography


Thank you so much, LOVE the arrangements and the fun water pictures!  Julie is located in South Ogden, Utah. You can find her on her blog where she shares her beautiful portrait work, her website, or facebook.

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