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Thank you to Jenna for sharing her home picture displays! Her site is filled with all sorts of great tutorials, she is a very talented lady!

I’m thrilled to be guest posting on Capturing Joy today – a BIG thank you to Kristen for asking me to be apart of her exciting Decorating with Pictures series! I’m Jenna, Interior Designer and Design Blogger of SAS Interiors, a hybrid site for my Interior Design business and my creative DIY & design blog.

SAS Interiors is filled with DIY projects ranging from super easy to more involved creations, along with plenty of decorating ideas/tips and interior design inspiration. As an avid bargain hunter, my mission is to create and inspire on a budget. There is definitely something for everyone on my blog, so I hope you’ll come by for a visit.

Decorating with Pictures - Sharing how my home is decorated with pictures @Jenna_Burger,

Today, I’m going to show you how I decorate my home with photos. I feel it’s so important to surround yourself with meaningful things. The things in a home tell a story of where you’ve been and what you love. The contents that fill the walls and shelves of a home should have meaning. They should tell your story.

For most, a home is continually changing as a family grows. My home hasn’t always been filled with meaningful things. I’ve purchased general pictures or things to simply fill the shelves or hang on the walls. But over time, as I’ve grown and started a family, my walls have become meaningful. I am proud of the pictures and creations that surround me.

Let’s have a look at a few.

One of my favorite new spots is in our foyer /entryway. Back in the Fall we had a local photographer take some family photos. I like to take pictures, but then I’m never in them, so having a photographer snap our ENTIRE family was huge. And I love the result… Kids laughing. Us smiling. Simple, genuine, honest moments.

Decorating with Pictures

Decorating with Pictures - Sharing how my home is decorated with pictures @Jenna_Burger,

I sometimes like to include the unexpected in a photo montage. It breaks up the wall and adds something interesting and different. In this photo vignette, I added a cute and easy-to-create “4” sign that symbolizes the 4 members of our family…

Decorating with Pictures - Sharing how my home is decorated with pictures @Jenna_Burger,

Near our kitchen is another fun place where I created an eclectic “Us” wall filled with a photo ‘heart’ collage of our hands, along with a few other interesting and unique elements…

I enjoy displaying family photos, but also like to mix in some homemade DIY creations.

Decorating with Pictures - Sharing how my home is decorated with pictures @Jenna_Burger,

In our home, photos, pictures, and momentos surround us. From tabletops to walls, memories of special moments in time are continually remembered. One of my favorite spots where I change out the pictures often is in my newly revamped home office / family room.

Since I work ALOT at my desk, I love looking around and seeing those who mean so much to me. Amongst the books, my shelves are filled with a variety of pictures.

Decorating with Pictures - Sharing how my home is decorated with pictures @Jenna_Burger,

These are just a few of the many spots around my home where I’ve decorated with pictures. I hope you’ll come visit me at my little space in the blogosphere, SAS Interiors, and be inspired by all I have to share about DIY, decorating, and interior design.

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