Decorating with Portraits~Long entryway filled with happiness

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I love when I get emails from you readers sharing your portrait decor in your home.  Here is an email I got recently:

   I always appreciate your insights and tips you share on The Idea Room – and have been trying to incorporate them into my photography.  Your  post about hanging large wall pictures was great!  I also really like your suggestion to put a picture by each child’s bed of you loving them!  I am going to need to do that!  I wanted to share with you my picture wall in the entry way of our home.  The photos are all printed 16×20 on foam core.  I then used velcro to adhere them to the back of a frame.  I removed the glass and mat from the frame. The velcro allows them to stick out a little bit.  My initial plan was to swap out the pictures for every holiday – but the expensive of printing so many pictures has prevented me from doing this quite yet.   It was a large wall and it took me forever to decide what to do with it.  I know that 8×10’s wouldn’t have worked on such a large wall –  because I initially tried it.  I really love this wall and the strong message it sends that we are a family.

~Emily Ritchie


Isn’t this fantastic?  Really really love what Emily has done for this big space, and I’m sure her kids adore it, too!  Please email me with some other ides on displaying portraits in your home.

P.S. I am LOVING her yellow chair/ottoman.  Seriously, would go so well in my home.

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