Decorating with Portraits at A Lemon Squeezy Home

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Hello!  I’m Christie from A Lemon Squeezy Home and I’m happy to be here today!
fave 6
This was just the series I needed to motivate me to update the pictures above our piano.   You see, my oldest just turned eight and he still has his baby teeth in the ‘before’ picture!  So does my middle son—they’ve both lost those and now have their beautiful big adult teeth coming in.  Definitely time for an update!
Here’s the before:before one
And with some simple color changes and updated pictures, here is the after:after
I just took the kids to my favorite backdrop in town and snapped a few shots.  I used my silhouette machine to cut a phrase from a favorite children’s book (you can read more about that HERE).
I spray painted the vase and the green decoration a light yellow.  I added some twine and a doily to the vase, plus some pretty white and yellow flowers to tie in the colors a little.DSC_0535
For the easel display, I took a piece of white cardboard that I already had and wrapped some twine around that as well, sticking in a couple of the sillier shots.  The silly pictures are my kids’ favorite ones to look at!DSC_0538
Eventually I’d like to get some photo books of the kids up there on the piano under the vinyl.  But for now, this is my simple idea for decorating with portraits. I think simple is better so you can focus on the main subject—your loved ones!   Thanks so much for having me today, Kristen, and for this inspiring series you are putting on!
{Thank you, Christie!  I love the before and after, and yes, it was time to show your older son with his “big boy teeth” 😉  I really like your arrangement, especially adding the easle on the side of those attached on the wall.  Go check out her Lemon Squeezy Home!}
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