Decorating with Portraits at Dunlap Portrait

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My name is Tricia Dunlap, and you can see my occasional blog posts at the Dunlap Portrait Blog.  I love to decorate with portraits.   We all spend so much time in our homes, why wouldn’t we want to see our loved ones all around us?  In this first photograph, I love this family photo of our feet because it will always remind me when our kids were so small, just looking at the size of their little legs.  I keep this one in my kitchen and it always makes me smile!


I don’t have a lot of wall space in my home, so I LOVE photo books and also photo boxes to keep loose photographs.  There is one photograph in my hallway (gold antique frame above) that was a present from my very creative mother-in-law and it really shows that “the sky is the limit” in this digital age.  She took a somewhat blurry photo, taken with a point and click and my daughter’s first dance recital and had it made into a painting!  WOW – what a treasure!!  In my opinion, it just goes to show that having the rights to the digital images when you hire a photographer is EVERYTHING so you can have the ability to create treasures that are very meaningful and personal – not to mention potential heirlooms for your family!

Thank you, Kristen, for this opportunity!  “Decorating with Portraits” is such a great way for us all to share!  Can’t wait to see what is posted the rest of the month!


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