Decorating with Portraits at I Heart Organizing

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As a mommy to three active boys, I am always running around with my camera and snapping oodles of photos.  I have to admit that I have somewhat fallen to keeping them saved on my computer, but I am on a mission this year to get them off of the pc and on to the walls.  This series has provided me all sorts of new inspiration which I am LOVING and excited to be apart of!

I did put together a gallery wall a few years ago, that I still love today as much as I did then.  It not only was a great solution for a giant empty wall, but more importantly, it is the first thing you see when you enter our home.

It spans approximately 6ft x 6ft, and is a tribute to my happy little clan!

It’s important to me to give that feeling of “family” upon entering our abode as they are what makes this house a home.


We hung the frames in a grid, popping a photo of the hubs and I in the middle and placing our favorite smiles around us.


Thanks so much Kristen for having me today and including me in such a fun series!

Even her wall gallery is organized! So symmetrical and straight–I love it!  It is tough to arrange it to look that nice.  I love how the black and white images/frames POP on that green wall, too. Jen is the creative mind behind I heart organizing blog and printables. 

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