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Hi everyone!  I’m Landee and I blog over at Landee See, Landee Do.  I love all the inspiration I get from everyone here on the world wide web and I love working those ideas into my life.  I’ve especially enjoyed all of the inspiration I’ve gotten from this series!  Such incredible ideas that I will definitely be using in the future!
As for my two cents, I will say that I LOVE decorating with photos.  It’s personal.  It’s meaningful.  And, if you can find your way around a camera, it can be incredibly inexpensive.  With enlargements being as cheap as they are these days (poster size for $8.99 at Costco!) you can go big without it costing you a fortune.
One of the photo projects I did recently was this trio of photos for Valentine’s Day (although I’m not planning on taking them down anytime soon).  I took them with a fairly shallow depth of field and all the focus on their hands.  I had my oldest son sign “I,” my daughter holding a heart, and my second son pointing as in “you.”  I then had these printed out 20×30 at Costco and framed them in inexpensive frames from Ikea.  Huge impact “art” for practically nothing!  And my kids love seeing themselves larger than life.
I have the normal displays of photos… photo walls, frames on tables and shelves, etc, but I also love adding photos in unexpected places.  After redoing my kitchen with a vinyl backsplash, I needed something to protect the vinyl above my cooktop from tomato sauce splatters and the like.  I decided to hang one of my favorite photos of all three of my kids there.  It’s easy to wipe splatters off the glass and I get to look at this while I stir the sauce!
But perhaps one of the most unexpected places I’ve displayed photos is on my giant clock in my kitchen.  It got a complete makeover a while ago and the photos are what make it special.  I just printed them out onto cardstock and punched them out with my 2″ circle punch.  They are stuck on there with a simple loop of masking tape.  I wanted them to be easy to switch out as the mood strikes.  Right now we have everything from our wedding photo, to a baby picture of each kid and a recent photo of everyone.  I love it.
And finally, one last idea that I started doing many years ago in our guest room.  I collected a bunch of silver frames over the years and then gathered them all on the bedside table in our guest room.  When we have guests coming, I fill the frames with photos I have of them.   They can be photos I’ve taken of them, photos of them and members of my family (those are my favorite), photos they’ve sent me over the years, etc.  It is the perfect touch to making them feel at home in our home.
Thank you for having me Kristen!  And thank you all for your inspiration in displaying photos!



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