Decorating with Portraits at Love Stitched

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Hey everyone 🙂 

I’m Brittany 


{my blog is full of DIY, outfit posts, all about my crazy life, my etsy shop, and anything thing else I decide to throw in there } 

I am so excited to be here today, I just adore Kristen! 
I got to go to her Utah work shop and not only learned a TON but instantly fell in love with her! 
She is just too sweet! 
Anyway…onto why you’re here…PORTRAITS
I just had some  new pictures taken {see my post here} and was anxious to get them hung up.
My only concern was that I am going to be redoing my family room and wasn’t sure if I wanted to hang them up BEFORE I re-did it…but I did anyway 🙂
 sorry the lighting is SO bad…there is a window right across from the pictures and during the day it reflects onto them and at night well as you can see below it’s hard to photograph as well :-/
I think it is SO important to have photos around reminding your kids that we are a family and to see all the smiles and good times we have while taking them! 
I have photos in all the halls and in EVERY room! 
I even have some typography prints around the house that I use to decorate with
thanks so much for letting me show off some of my portraits and how I use them around my home 🙂 
I would love for you guys to stop by and check out my site
I love to meet new readers and see their fun blogs and sites 🙂


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