Decorating with Portraits at The House of Smiths

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Hi, I’m Shelley! Home DIY and Lifestyle blogger from The House of Smiths!
Our blog is all about our adventures with DIY projects that we tackle, while taking our “boring-builder-grade” house to a custom, unique, beautiful space on a budget. From decorating tips to laughable life situations, we pretty much cover it all. I’m a Mom to three adorable girls and I am lucky enough to have a husband who is as passionate about our life, Home DIY’ing and making our “house” a HOME, as I am!
Today I’m excited to share with you MY take on how we have used family photos to decorate our home. Just like Kristen, I am a firm believer in displaying personal photography around your space. I know that for our family, it’s been a way to reflect back on happy, meaningful moments that we’ve captured together. I’ve tried to find unique, special ways to display our favorite images in our home…from a large gallery wall, to abstract art.
One of the simple photo display areas I love in our home is in our hallway.
It is a narrow long space with not a lot of light. So we painted the space a bright cheery color, mounted three over sized beadboard frames with picture adhesive strips (so they would’t move and become crooked if someone accidentally bumped them) to the wall, and added up some track lighting to highlight each photo!
Definitely a huge improvement from what we had before!
I think that this tactic can work for LOTS of different homeowners. Honestly, besides the painting of the walls, this whole display only took a few hours and was really inexpensive.
The reason I love these frames in this specific set up, is because they are easily interchangeable and fill this usually large empty space.
I challenge those of you have great pictures to display, but have yet to do it, to GET MOTIVATED!
Find a space in your home that can use a little “photo-love” and get to work! It doesn’t have to be a daunting task. SO many local photo labs will now print odd or over sized photos for a really fair price!
Believe me, you will fall in LOVE with the personal touch that it will bring into your space.
I know that for ME, having all of these happy memories spread out around my home, helps me to stop and think about the things that are really important in life. My kids, family, friends and the short time that we have to cultivate these precious relationships with them while we’re here.
So get creative! Take those pictures off of your camera and out of your computer, because those moments and people are way too important to NOT be shared!
{I just love Shelley and how she has diplayed photos all over her home of her adorable family.  If you have never been to her blog, you must add it to your list because she just brings an optimism (and realism) to family life as well as inspirational “do it yourself” home decor.  Thanks, Shelley! ~Kristen}
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