Decorating with Portraits at Under the Sycamore

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Well, hello there! I am honored Kristen asked me to be a part of this series. As a quick introduction…my name is Ashley and I write a blog called Under the Sycamore. My blog is just a hodge podge mess of all the things that make up my days. I have 4 kids and we are in the middle of adopting our fifth, life is very full. Photography has been a treasure in my life. In the midst of crazy days, picking up my camera to freeze a moment helps me see the beauty surrounding me – not just the piles of laundry. I’d say 99% of all the photos I take are just little moments captured. Once I year I attempt to get us all coordinating for more posed family shots, but the candid photos are always my favorite.

Aside from random vintage finds, photos are my favorite thing to use in decorating my home. Since most of my photos are candid snapshots, when I see them displayed in my home it takes me back to those moments. I am instantly reminded of the gifts in my life and the sweet (and not so sweet) moments we have shared together. Decorating with snapshots of our family life brings me to moments of gratitude – even when my patience is quickly running out. The little moments and expressions that cover my walls in the form of photos help me have perspective on hard days and remind me of the immense blessings in my life.

I really have no idea how to describe my decorating style…I’d like a great name for it, but really it is just random. Here are some peeks into my home:

This is my living room. I have a few mounted pictures displayed on the shelves. I drew a frame on the wall with a pencil and taped a picture inside it. Random, I know. Above my fake fireplace, I cut 4×6 prints into 4×4 squares and hot glued them to the wall. The very bottom row starts with pictures before we had kids. I add a row or two of pictures each year.

This is one way I display mounted photos. By using handsaw to cut a slit in a wooden spool, I now have something unexpected to hold my prints up.

Here is my kitchen. The large canvas is of my daughter climbing up to wash her hands. I am a big fan of HUGE canvases. However, they can be expensive. I usually print more ‘artsy’ images on canvases so I am more likely to display them longer. If this were a huge canvas of a posed family shot, I’d probably want to update it after a year. This photo, however, I don’t see myself wanting an updated version. By the way, those were my cowboy boots as a little girl. Awesome.

In my bedroom, I covered one wall with chicken wire. I have a need to constantly be changing things in my home. The chicken wire wall allows me to change up wall displays regularly. Obviously, that is not for everyone, but it works for us. You could always just fill a large frame with chicken wire for a similar display on a smaller scale.

And here is a peek at my daughter’s room. I do display photos in the more traditional way of using frames. When framing photos, I usually try to combine them with other elements to create a bit more of an eclectic feel. It is probably time for me to update those photos!

So there you go, a glimpse at a few ways I display photos in my home. The great thing about this series is so many ideas have been shared for just about every decorating style. I don’t think it really matters how you choose to decorate with photos, but more that if you have the desire to display your photos that you find ways to do it. Thank you for having me Kristen!

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