Decorating with Portraits~Up the stairs

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I photographed this lovely family last December, and when I took Bailey’s pics last week, I saw the decorating they did with those family portraits.  They got a little crafty and did something very similar to what I did last year with my mod podge-ing of pics on wood.  Here is a pulled back shot of their stairwell:

More of an up close of the curve, I can’t imagine the ladder work precariously perched on the stairs while putting these on the wall.

An individual.  She said it looks like it is hanging on the hook and thats it , but the  hook is decorative.  They actually mounted the 16×20 size to the wall at the top.  I am pretty sure the print is 16×20, so the wood is a bit bigger.  I love how the print has a very slight white border before the inch or so of the black.  Like a double mat.

Isn’t that fabulous??? I simply LOVE it!!!  First, I love to see how the portraits I have taken are displayed in homes, but I also love a little craftiness along with it!  It’s also helpful to see how different people arrange their portraits to help give the rest of us ideas!  Here is Bailey walking down the stairs so you can see the size of the portraits in relation to an actual person;)

If you don’t already know by now, I am very passionate about decorating with portraits in your home!  I have a section on this site dedicated just to that and try to share examples regularly.  If you see some great examples on the internet or have some yourself, please email me links/pictures!

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