DIY Lawn Aerating Shoes

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I shared this picture on facebook earlier today, and it got such a crazy response with tutorial requests, that I thought I’d whip up a little post to share . My hubby just invented these aerating shoes to have our kids help with the lawn work and have fun at the same time! He needed some aeration done, and concocted these aerating shoes. Yes, he’s actually craftier than me!


1/2 inch plywood cut to 3.5×7 inch in size (x2)

8 1 inch nails

bungee cords (or rope)


To make sure the nails wouldn’t back out of the wood, he fastened 1/8 inch particle board as a layer over the back of the nailheads and screwed it in.

Below, he took out one screw so you can see what it looks like on the inside.

I’m thinking we’ll whip up a little flier for the boys to go door to door and offer to aerate any lawns that are interested…a little startup business for them;)

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