DIY patriotic Pillow Tutorial

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With summer in full swing this simple DIY patriotic pillow is the perfect accent to your summer decor.  Come see how easy this was to create!
Hello Capturing Joy readers!! This is Shonee and you can find me creating all sorts of home decor items as well as awesome DIY gift ideas over at Hawthorne and Main.

This pillow was fun and easy to make let me show you how!!

Here are the supplies that you will need: 

– Drop Cloth or other fabric

-vinyl letters- You can get these pre cut at craft stores or cut them yourself

-Painters Tape

Fabric Spray Paint

-Sewing Machine


-Needle and thread

Start by cutting your fabric to the desired size you want your pillow to be.  Keep in mind you will want to account for about a 1/4- 1/2  inch seam allowance.  Cut a front and a back.
Once your pieces are cut, lay our your vinyl design.  To make the line above the word FREEDOM I used painters tape, so simple!!
A word of caution  * use a good vinyl that will really stick to your fabric well.  The paint can bleed if the vinyl and tape are not stuck down good.
Once all of your vinyl is on its time to paint.
 This is the funnest part!!
Use some scrap paper or newspaper to cover any area on the fabric that you do not want to get paint on.  This is very important.
Grab the spray paint and do a few test sprays on a seperate piece of paper.  This way you can get the feel for how it sprays.  It does not spray exactly like regular spray paint does.  Plus, it does have a tendency to drip a little.  This is another reason why you want to cover all surfaces that you don’t want paint to get on.
This stuff might sound intimating but it was easy and fun to work with.
Spray it in a back and forth motion doing a couple light coats.


After you are done spraying let it dry for a few minutes and then peel off the vinyl and tape.
Admire your beautiful work!!
To sew the pillow, put right sides together and stitch all the way around with your sewing machine leaving about a 3 inch gap.
Turn it right side out and stuff it with batting.  After it is stuffed to your likeness, use the needle and thread to close the hole.




What a lovely pillow to add to your summer decor.  This paint is so customizable that the possibility are endless.
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