#43 Lisa // Life is Hard, Don’t Wait for Happiness

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Lisa has a heart that wants to share. I so appreciate that. She listened to me mentioning in a previous episode that people have a hard time sharing HARD THINGS in life, and that some listeners want to hear more about overcoming life’s obstacles.  And she shared a good reminder that, even when you are going through hard things, don’t wait for happiness.  You have to find it every day.

Lisa reached out to me, and said she wants to share her story. She has had some hard things in life, and she really wanted to share about how she kept waiting for happiness to come, and decided she had to just be happy despite life’s curveballs.

“When you beat yourself up, you paralyze yourself. You can’t progress, improve, and move forward.” That then prohibits you from being the parent you want to be. She shares an activity her therapist recommended about this, and I LOVE it!

Don’t Wait for Happiness

You can’t spend your life waiting for the next bad thing to happen…why be miserable?  She mentions putting trust in Gods plan, that we can’t save our children from mistakes.

How to Hug a Porcupine–Audio book she mentions

Games: Cash Flow // Ticket to Ride // Heads Up (phone app)

Here is a picture of Lisa and her husband:

Don't wait for happiness

She mentions their family mission statement in our chat, here it is:

We are children of our Heavenly Father

And He has placed us here as a family.

Our Mission is to receive our temple ordinances

and to return to live in His presence,

We will accomplish this as we:

Work and play together

Show compassion for others

Lead Healthy lives

Become responsible citizens

Make and Keep Sacred covenants


Always centering our lives on our Savior, Jesus Christ.

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