Earth Day Party

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Throw a Great Earth Day Party with These Fun Party Ideas and Earth Day Activities.

If you have plans to throw a fun Earth Day Party, I have some great party ideas, Earth Day treats, and activities for you! I love the theme for this get together, and sharing crafts, treats, and ideas to make this world a better place.

Earth Day Party

An earth day party many not be on your agenda this year, but with just a few ideas, you can turn a regular day into an earth loving event.  Choose your favorite ideas and party away!

Here are 3 favorite and simple ways to celebrate, more below:

I’m so delighted to share a fun little Earth Day Party my kids and I threw for a handful of our friends! What do you think about when Earth Day is mentioned? Some think of recycling and others think about planting a tree. Earth Day is April 22nd, and I’ve partnered with Tom’s of Maine to share this Earth Day party with you. Did you know that both Tom’s of Maine and Earth Day were founded in 1970? Now you do. I hope you enjoy viewing what we did, and have some inspiration to do a little something yourself!

I was excited about this opportunity to throw an Earth Day party, because I love throwing parties.  I don’t think I’ve done the best job of teaching my children to better love the earth, and saw this as a great excuse to bring up some key points.

I thought, what better spot to throw a party to celebrate our Earth, than in my backyard, in the treehouse my husband built. I do love our Earth. I was actually in the Earth Club early in high school, I was quite excited back then about loving the earth. Specifically, I remembered always gathering up trash whenever I went to parks and neighborhood strolls, to place them in the nearest trash can. It’s a small thing we can all do to beautify the earth.

I feel I am passionate now, but it isn’t necessarily always at the forefront of my mind. I’m inspired by working with Tom’s of Maine, and all that they do to give back and beautify the earth, and am marking this year as an opportunity to do a little more than I am currently doing, and teaching my children better to understand how we as individuals can make a difference.

I invited some friends over to celebrate Earth Month with us, and asked them to bring old or broken toys to fill a Toy Recycling Box, as part of an initiative that Tom’s of Maine is organizing to keep old toys out of landfills by recycling them to build picnic tables and park benches.  In 2014, there were 11,000 lbs. of packaging waste our of landfills.

As I thought about the details of the party, I wanted to be more Eco-friendly and conscious of all of the details of the party.

It was interesting to me to realize that:

  1.  I am already doing some things for my parties that are Earth friendly, as I aim to reuse and recycle items from party to party
  2.  I could definitely do more in being more conscious about what I use and then throw away right after parties

Party Ideas for Earth Day

Here are a few ways that I encouraged the 3 R’s for our Earth Day Party:

  • Reduced the amount of trash we used by not serving food and drink with paper products, but jars and dishes we already have.
  • Re-used or repurposed  party supplies that I’ve collected from past parties such as my paper lanterns and fabric from my project stash.
  • Recycled old and broken toys through a collection and effort from Tom’s of Maine to not have so much waste.

Earth Day Snacks

  • GLOBE cookies. I mean, they were just so fun to make, photograph, and eat. I found the idea for earth day cookies here, and adapted it just a touch. I got 2 packets of pre made sugar cookie mix, and when I mixed the wet ingredients, I added in blue and green coloring (respectively) and then the dry ingredients to make a nice rich color. I have this set of WlLTON icing colors that I use for everything, and used the blue and green for a brighter color. I then took the blue as the main part of the cookie (since our world is made up of so much water) and then just pieces of the green and slapped them onto the blue without much rhyme or reason. It looked pretty great in most of the cookies!
  • Dirt & Worms. This timeless classic is so fun to make and the kids love to eat it! Crushed oreos, chocolate pudding, and gummy worms is all it takes!
  • Ants on a log. Celery, peanut butter, and raisons. Easy.
  • Sliced cucumbers. Nothing cute about this, but an easy, garden treat.

Earth Day Treats

Earth Day Party Ideas

Earth-y crafts & activity:

  • Pipe cleaner flowers. The kids got creative and made flowers out of varying colors of pipe cleaners and attached it to their wooden spoon/tree trunk to eat the dirt worm treat. I got the idea here.
  • Seeds bombs. My kids helped me make these ahead of time to gift our friends. We followed this tutorial and used newspaper and water a few days before the party so they could dry. We included Texas bluebonnet seeds to keep it local! (click the link to order some–affiliate)
  • I found some great books to read, and had a little story time. You can find lots of Earth Day books on Amazon, we got: Tap the Magic Tree and The Curious Garden.  I also wished I got Fancy Nancy Earth Day.  More Earth Day books HERE (if you have Amazon PRIME, you can easily order now and get them before Earth Day!)

Here are some items from our party to quickly grab on Amazon:

Earth Day Printable Wildflower Seed Bombs

Above are the Wildflower seed bombs (printable below) and here is a flower made for the treat spoon.

Earth Day Party

Then it got dipped into the dirt cake (my daughter tried to do a french manicure with a black marker below!)

Dirt Cake with Worms and Flowers

Reading a book to the crowd:

Reading Earth Day Books Earth Day Activities

Along with the above, I’ve got some great free printables anyone can download if they’d like to throw an Earth Day party, or just remind their families to be more conscious of the earth by placing them around the house.Earth Day Free Printables

My boys were playing soccer in the background with their friends, but they didn’t pass up a chance to have dirt cake with gummy worms…then I gave them another so they’d all be eaten!

Earth Day Party Guests

I gifted each guest their own yellow flower to take home and plant, too.

Earth Day Party Decorations

For more tips on throwing a party and how to re-use items from event to event, check out my party tips here.

Tom’s of Maine also sent toothpaste samples to give to my party guests. I’ve been using a bunch of different products of theirs lately. Besides being completely organic, I love that they give 10% of their profits back to the community to human and environmental goodness. Something else cool about their company is that they encourage their employee’s to volunteer in their communities, and 5% (12 days) of their employee time is dedicated to volunteering.

Throw a party…Have a cookie!

Earth Day Cookies for an Earth Day Party

Can you see my globe necklace? I love it!


You don’t have to throw a party to celebrate the Earth, but I’m sure your kids would love to make some Earth Day Globe cookies!

Earth Day Cookies

If you’re on Twitter and want to join me in a Twitter Party on Earth Day, April 22nd in the evening, use this hashtag:  #StartYoungLiveGreen

Earth Day Party Decorations

I got a few globe gifts such as pencil sharpeners, erasers, and suckers at Oriental Trading.

So what did you love most about our Earth Day Party? It was so fun to put together! I loved thinking outside my standard party ideas, and using what I had in my home. The furniture, globes, dishes, fabric, etc. all came from my home! I do love blue and green in my decor, so that helped!

I LOVE this giant tree in my backyard, and the treehouse was the perfect backdrop!

Earth Day Party Guests in Treehouse

Original publish date: 04.20.2015

{Thank you to Tom’s of Maine for sponsoring this post. I was compensated, but all opinions are my own.}

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