Build Your Own Treehouse

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I am so very excited to share the TREEHOUSE that now hails from our backyard! This has been several years of dreaming on my part, and Phase 1 is finally complete!  I’m going to share some fun pictures today, and see if my husband can tap out a “how to” for a future post. I just couldn’t wait for that one.  {Prepare yourself for a monster post!}  This is adding on to my home tour goal of a room a month this year, this is our  “outdoor” room, it counts as a room, right?

Build Your Own Treehouse

When we chose our lot to build on 4 years ago, from the moment I laid eyes on our tree, I’ve dreamed about a treehouse for my kids to hang out in, and enjoy. With each passing year, as my husband wanted to wait for the tree to overcome the trauma of building a home in it’s root system, I felt my dream slipping as I thought it’d never happen. My oldest was getting close to growing out of such an idea. After I thought the tree had sufficient “rest” I kept nudging my husband, and he still wasn’t keen on the idea, for some reason I never really understood. He just didn’t seem as excited about the idea as I was.

At the beginning of the year (when everyone feels overly ambitious), I got the bright idea that I didn’t need him to do it, I could figure it out myself. I kept looking at the handmade hideaway my friend Ashley at The Handmade Home built for her kids, and thought I could replicate it.

In April, I met the Shanty2Chic sisters at a conference, and realized they were just a hop, skip, and a jump away from me in Dallas. When I told them I decided to build a treehouse, they said, “We’ll come help you–we can knock it out in a day!” Once I picked my jaw up from the floor at that “day” comment, I jumped up and down (inside, of course) with excitement. They then introduced me to Kelly From Ryobi Tools, and she said she’d send me some tools to help us with the project–wahooo!! I was well on my way.

I’m going to skip the drama filled next few days that came from me giddily telling my husband that I was having some handy girls come help me build a treehouse. What he never told me was that he wanted to build it all along, just never voiced it.

Plans moved forward, and the kids got very excited! Here is the sketch and wish list he and the kids made one day:

treehouse plans

They had some crazy plans, including building a bridge from the boys bedroom window to the fort, placing “dead animals” a.k.a. taxidermy mounts, up on the side, a flat screen tv, plumbing, and a zipline to the trampoline. If you look below the tree drawing, you’ll also see a small pool with shark fins sticking out. Oh yes,they were dreaming big. My husband is great at involving the kids, and I love that it was their project just as much as it was his.  Ryobi sent me this bag of power tools (the Ultimate Combo Kit) to get us started. Besides the fabulous green color that makes me super happy, I love that these tools are cordless-and have universal battery packs that are interchangeable–serious LOVE!

ryobi power tools

On July 4th, we went out as a family to The Home Depot and got building supplies. After trying to dig out the dirt with a shovel, I convinced Mr. Duke to rent an electronic device from The Home Depot to help break through the bedrock under our home, and after a few hours of digging, he did.

digging holes for treehouse

After digging holes, they filled it with rocks, then mixed up some concrete to secure the posts. Then the framing process began:

Framing the Treehouse

We tried to make this a family effort as much as possible. A lot of things, only my handy husband could do. I considered myself the historian, and the kids used the power tools when available. Mind you, it was summer in Texas, so generally between 95-100 degree’s on any given Saturday.

After the base was built, up came the platform.

Treehouse Platform

The Kids were so excited to finally go up on it! The neighbor kids would come and go throughout the two month process of the treehouse being built, often wanting to help, watch, or chat with Mr. Duke as he worked.

When the railing went up, we needed all hands on deck! The kids helped hold it up and steady amidst measuring and such.

Railings on the Treehouse

Do It Yourself Treehouse

Ryobi Power tools


Though Ryobi did not fund our Treehouse project, they provided tools, and also sponsored Mr. Duke and I to go to Haven. Ryobi Power Tools drill

Now for the final shots, the details! Included are 3 “trap doors.” Two are smaller for stowing special items, and one is large with a cut out on the bottom. My husband is scheming making a cargo net to come out of the bottom of that, so stay tuned to see that final part of it. There are also corner seat/benches for each child, and the stairs were made nearly identical to the mini version he crafted for the girls dollhouse a few years ago.


Finished Treehouse

I look forward to many more memories created in this fun little spot in our yard;)  We are thinking we will stain, though I’d love to paint it a crazy color…

view from the treehouse

Kids Treehouse

Questions? Comments? Praises for my husband and kids? Do you have a treehouse? Dream of a treehouse? I’m so happy our Treehouse is built, now the kids want to sleep in it, under the stars!


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