Easter Lunch Jokes

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Print these Easter Jokes notes to slip into your kids lunches.

They will LOVE it, even the big kids!


Hippity hop-hop, Easter is on it’s way!  It is time to print these fun Easter jokes!

Easter jokes

Easter Bunny Jokes

I love slipping little notes or jokes into my kids lunches while they are away at school. From the Easter bunny to the adorable chicks, it’s a way for them to know I’m thinking of them while they are gone. I’ve shared  Spring jokes in the past , but this is a new and updated version that are so cute and fun!  These Easter jokes are sure to bring a smile to your kids (or spouses) face while you are away from them.

My kids love them so much, and happily so do their friends!

What are some Easter jokes?

  • What do you get if you cross a bee with a bunny?
  • Where does the Easter Bunny eat breakfast?
  • How do rabbits like to travel?
  • What do ducks eat for lunch?

Easter jokes

Easter Jokes for Kids

Some aren’t always quite sure what do do with the jokes, just in case, for example, here are my best ideas:

  1. Slip jokes into lunches
  2. Tape the jokes around the house
  3. At your Easter table setting

Easter jokes for teachers

I have a dear friend who is an elementary school teacher, consequently I made her a JOKE JAR, and her students LOVE it! It’s printing off these jokes along with others throughout the year is a great way to spread some love from teacher to students!

Easter jokes

>>Download your Easter jokes HERE!


easter print

More Easter Ideas:


Easter jokesOriginally shared 4/8/16