Easter Jokes

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Hippity hop-hop, Easter is on it’s way!  It is time to print these fun Easter jokes for your kids!

Easter jokes

I love slipping little notes or jokes into my kids lunches while they are away at school. From the Easter bunny to the adorable chicks, it’s a way for them to know I’m thinking of them while they are gone. I’ve shared  Spring jokes in the past , but this is a new and updated version that are so cute and fun!  These Easter jokes are sure to bring a smile to your kids (or spouses) face while you are away from them.

My kids love them so much, and happily so do their friends!

Easter jokes for kids

  • What do you get if you cross a bee with a bunny?
  • Where does the Easter Bunny eat breakfast?
  • How do rabbits like to travel?
  • What do ducks eat for lunch?

Easter jokes

Some aren’t always quite sure what do do with the jokes, just in case, for example, here are my best ideas:

  1. Slip jokes into lunches
  2. Tape the jokes around the house
  3. At your Easter table setting

Easter jokes for teachers

I have a dear friend who is an elementary school teacher, consequently I made her a JOKE JAR, and her students LOVE it! It’s printing off these jokes along with others throughout the year is a great way to spread some love from teacher to students!

Easter jokes

>>Download your Easter jokes HERE!

More Easter Ideas:


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