Episode #007 Jennifer Borget // Homeschooling, Finding Your Purpose, and Teaching children about Racism

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My friend Jennifer Borget is fabulous, and I’m delighted to share our chat with you, about her life. We talk about how we first met, as a by-product of the blogging community, but we didn’t talk about our adventure to Chicago last summer where we had a cancelled flight and impromptu sleepover at MY HOUSE before our new flight took us to Illinois.

Growing up in suburban Georgia the oldest of 5 kids, Jennifer noticed she was a minority, but never felt affected by racism, thankfully, but definitely noticed later on an insensitivity from some people. She talks about the importance of teaching her children to know their black heritage and understand how things used to be different by finding great children’s books that teach about black history, and help them feel empowered as she is teaching her children about racism.

We discussed her career as a journalist working at a news station, her husband as the stay at home dad for a while, then ultimately not just her staying home, but HOMESCHOOLING HER KIDS!  Talk about a variety of parenting experiences! Her kids are still young, so she’s still looking ahead to teenage years and all that comes with that. But don’t worry, we still discuss electronic time and jobs around the house.

At the end, she shares some of her favorite books to read to her kids, a set I’d never heard of before, and why she loves them so much, even to the point of getting emotional when she reads them.  I’m anxious to find them to read to my kids! See links below.

Her quotable quote:

“Comparison is the thief of joy. You are the only you. Don’t try to be like someone else.”

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Family game: Disney Scene It

Favorite Dinner: Pasta

Favorite Dessert: Apple Pie

Parenting Pep Peeve: Vocal Judgements

Our trip to Chicago


Homeschooling, and teaching children about racism


Here is a pic of Jennifer and I with a few other gals in Chicago at a spa. Click the link above to read more about our adventure.

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