Episode #026 Krista Rizzo // World’s Okay-est mom

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When I saw the picture on Krista’s website that said, “World’s Okay-est Mom” I fell in love. YES! I thought…it’s OK to be OK! This ideal that we have to be the perfect parents is so disheartening, and to be OK MOST of the time, GREAT another percentage, and not so great sometimes is JUST RIGHT. Lets all give ourselves a break, can we?

Krista raises her family deep in the heart of New York City and tells about her 11 year old son taking the subway to school by himself…love it! As much as that terrifies me, being from the suburbs, that’s their life and it works for them. I love hearing stories about how others raise their families in different environments, thriving.

Krista is also a life coach, and she talks about some parenting tools that I think benefits everyone, so list and share and head on over to Instagram @CapturingJoy.KristenDuke to share your highlights!

Find Krista at her website: WhyAmIYelling.com and see her resources section.

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