40 ideas with Balloons

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I LOVE balloons! If you saw my Birthday Balloon Gift Idea (along with 101+ others) then you’d know how much I love balloons as a gift. I shared that idea in my Birthday Celebration Week where I’ve shared daily ideas for making birthdays more fun!

There are so many fun things to do with balloons for parties and celebrations, I wanted to share a few ideas I cam across throughout blogland.  The collage is just a sneak peek:

confetti and party

lollypop cupcakes


Lollypop Cupcakes

handwriting on balloons

Handwriting on Balloons

balloon wreath

Balloon Wreath

balloon art

Balloon Art

rainbow balloon card

Rainbow Balloon Card

reception decor with balloons

Reception Decor

balloon animals

Balloon Animals

flower birthday party balloons

Flower Power Birthday Party

under the sea birthday party balloons

Under the Sea Birthday Party Balloons


Confetti Balloons

up inspired birthday party

UP Inspired Birthday Party

balloon cookies

Balloon Cookies

balloon cupcakes

Balloon Cupcakes

up inspired cupcakes

UP Inspired Cupcakes

butterfly and balloon centerpieces

Butterfly and Balloon Centerpieces

Birthday balloon fun

Birthday Balloon Fun

gold tipped balloons

Gold Tipped Balloons

Balloon Cake Topper

Balloon Cake Topper

sprinkle filled cake toppers

Sprinkle Filled Cake Toppers

balloon sugar cookes

Balloon Sugar Cookies

balloon and tulle decor

Balloon and Tulle Decor

balloon birthday cake

Balloon Birthday Cake

balloon themed birthday party

Balloon Themed Birthday

ballons with pictures

Balloons with Pictures

Confetti-Balloons (1)

Confetti Balloons

Party balloons

Party Balloons

DIY Balloon Stand

DIY Balloon Stand

balloon party picks

Balloon Party Picks

Cool Glow Stick balloons!

Glow Stick Balloons


UP Themed Birthday Party


Giant Balloon Messages

Balloon Photography

Balloon Photography

balloon photography with children

More Balloon Photography

chalk balloons

Chalk Balloons

ballons with engagements

Balloons and Engagement Photography

balloon cake pops

Balloon Cake Pops

Birthday Balloon Gift idea

Balloon Birthday Gift Ideas


Do you love balloons as much as I do?

Make sure to check out other birthday and part ideas at my Birthday Celebration Week post.
birthday gift ideas

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  1. Jacqueline says:

    Sorry, Kristen, this is a little belated, but I hope you had a great birthday and that your new year of life will be a blessed one!

  2. Rhonda says:

    This list is awesome!!

  3. What a fantastic collage of brilliant balloon ideas, Kristen … thanks so much for featuring my Winnie The Pooh inspired one! Anita 🙂

  4. The balloon cake pops look like a nice treat. The card is also nice.

  5. Thanks for these cool ideas for balloons. I actually didn’t know about those gold tipped balloons, but they look really cool. I’m kind of interested to learn more about how these balloons are made, or if the tips can be a different color.


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