Exploring the Grand Canyon South Rim

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Our exploration only lasted a few hours, so this isn’t “everything you need to know about the Grand Canyon” but simply, our quick DROP IN on our way to somewhere else.

Exploring the Grand Canyon

I had heard from my parents that I had visited the Grand Canyon when I was younger, but I didn’t remember. 

We’ve driven to Northern Utah a few times in the past few years, but the Grand Canyon isn’t much on the way. When we found out we’d be going to my husbands brothers wedding in Southern Utah, I was elated to find out that we could take a SLIGHT detour to hit the Grand Canyon! We stayed in Flagstaff, Arizona the night before, and it was about an hour north to drive to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon from there.

We stopped off at the Visitors Center, walked a few feet, and BAM! There it was….sweeping landscape of amazing-ness.

Grand Canyon picture

Pictures really don’t do it justice. You can’t tell how enormous and deep it is. We read that it is TEN miles from the North Rim to the South rim, but it didn’t seem that far.  I enhanced the color a bit too much, but hey, it looks fun and orange!  My kids (and myself) were in AWE!

checking out the grand canyon for the first time

We walked around to view it the scene from different spots (hubby took this). It was COLD and windy up there (late April)! I think it was about 45 degrees, and us Texas just brought our light jackets.

grand canyon photography

I don’t hesitate to ask strangers to snap a picture of us all, and often offer to take one for them as well. I mentioned in a previous post that my husband got a touch annoyed that we had to do a few different family pics (asking a few different people) because this was the first one:

grand canyon family picture

I found out later that my husbands stomach was doing flips, standing out on this ledge. It was a bit more narrow than our first one, and he has some heights fears (which I don’t recall because we live in FLAT Texas!)

I wasn’t super loving this shot, so we tried for a second time (suggesting a “candid/laughing/chatting” shot) which my hubby was slightly embarrassed by (remember, kind stranger snapping).

First trip to the Grand Canyon

Not bad, but that tree got in the way, I didn’t love the view as much, and we had eyes closed. I could have lived with it, but then I saw the last spot and it was the best SWEEPING view, so had to ask another kind, stranger friend to snap another.  Actually, it was the same kind stranger as the last  one. I took a couple shot for them in both spots, too.Sweeping View of Grand Canyon

#photographerproblems I tell ya!

I was SOOO happy with that last shot. My family was very cooperative, and for that I’m grateful!  If only that pesky railing fence/railing wasn’t in the way.

We walked along a sidewalk trail where the fence ended. Signs suggested staying on the path, but I thought I’d try to get just one sorta close to the edge (but not too close) without the fence. My husband said absolutely not (fear of heights) and because he’s a major rule follower. It was a small sign, and I didn’t want to go THAT close. Everyone else stuck by him, so I had him snap a shot or two of me.

Standing close to the edge at the Grand Canyon

I was SOOOO far from the edge!

I didn’t feel nervous, and I think it was worth it;)

We went for a little car drive to a hiking spot.

Grand Canyon Adventure

We were short on time, and really only walked down for 30 minutes or so, but we can say we hiked a little of the Grand Canyon!

hiking the grand canyon

 Have you been before? I’m really curious to know the difference between the North and South Rim!


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