#46 Faith in Every Footstep

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Listen in as a Baptist and a “Mormon” talk about faith.

Naomi is one of my dearest friends. She’s lived across the street from me for nearly 9 years, and we have formed a friendship that I truly cherish. You’ll hear me say early on in our discussion that she is the first person not of my specific Christian faith that I’ve really been able to discuss religion with in an open minded way.

We talk about:

  • Finding Faith
  • Her parents divorce
  • Her siblings disability
  • Converting to a new denomination
  • Misunderstandings with other faiths
  • Her sons surprise challenge at the ultrasound

And so much more!

Here is a picture of her beautiful family (TWO red heads!!):

Symbrachydactyly Hand malformation

Faith in Parenting

In part 2 of our chat, she talks about her son being born with Symbrachydactyly, a bone joint muscle condition where his hand didn’t form all the way in the womb. She sent me this picture above that shows his hand fairly well.

ANNNDD, I say in the podcast, but she is the cover model for my book, Say NO to Auto, you may have seen her before! {CLICK HERE—-> to read about the beginner photography book.}

Beginner Photography Book // Say NO to Auto // Manual Mode

One of my favorite quotes that her mom said to her, “There is no Olympics of pain.” Meaning we all have a right to our own pain, with no need to compare it to another’s pain.

And here are a few quotes that she sent after our discussion.

Faith in Every Footstep // Faith discussion between a "Mormon" and a Baptist

Faith in Every Footstep // Faith discussion between a "Mormon" and a Baptist

And I loved this that she keeps on her bathroom mirror to remind her the kind of parent she wants to be:

parenting mantra

I know you will love Naomi as much as I do, and wish she lived across the street from you.

This is part 1 of a 2 part episode, don’t forget to listen to part 2. When you do, I’d love you to come say hello to Naomi on instagram where we will discuss this episode, and tell her what you gleaned from the convo.


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Faith in Every Footstep

This is part 1 of a 2 part episode, feel free to pause and come back as needed!

Here is Part 2:

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Faith in Every Footstep // Listen to a "Mormon" and a Baptist explore faith topics together.

I feel like there are so many things that we talked about that I could link to!  So if you have any questions, leave them in the comments!

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