Episode #009 Amy Huntley // Family Bonding through Hard work and No Empty Chairs

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I look up to my friend Amy quite a bit. Not only did she introduce me to the blogging world (you’ll hear that story), and inspiring me regularly with her creativity, but she is also a mom to 5, whose kids are just a touch older than mine. You can find her site at TheIdeaRoom.net.

I was thirsty to hear her thoughts on many parenting topics, and boy did we cover them! From family bonding through hard work, a funny toddler story, to dating and curfews and jobs around the house. We also discussed her thoughts on her oldest graduation high school and currently serving a full time mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, a.k.a. Mormon.

We share the same faith, and my son will likely serve a mission in a little over a year, so the topic is quite sensitive to my heart. I didn’t quite break out into tears in our conversation, but my eyes were definitely stinging as she shared her thoughts on that topic. We also discussed their family motto, No Empty Chairs, and what that means to her.

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Here are some of Amy’s family favorites:

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